Winsome is a full-service boutique interior design studio on a mission to create spaces that feel authentic to people's personalities. Catering to homes and commercial spaces in Maryland, D.C., and Virginia.
After completing their first few projects, founders Ari and Kasey approached me to establish and differentiate the Winsome brand and offerings in a crowded market. While there was organic growth, it was time to launch a website to attract ideal clients for residential projects and, eventually, doctors, lawyers, and small business owners for commercial projects.
All aspects of the brand are sophisticated yet approachable, just like the Winsome team and their services.
Site functionality and interface design are based on user research and testing to accommodate a savvy but non-digitally native audience.
The site architecture leads with portfolio imagery, as this is what most potential clients are most interested in, followed by information depicting the studio’s credibility. To show potential clients how important it is to provide a reliable and tailored experience, we highlighted Ari and Kasey’s personalities and 20+ years of friendship.

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