Agency Microsite & Emails

Completed at Heinrich Marketing in Denver, CO.

O V E R V I E W ​​​​​​​
Heinrich is a creative agency, 40 years in the making, built for business.

While my colleagues at Heinrich were gathering case studies and content for a large-scale website redesign, I designed this lightweight temporary microsite to highlight key projects and collect leads. 

After the full site launch, I designed email templates for the agency to share recent work and industry knowledge.
D E S I G N   D E C I S I O N S ​​​​​​​
First-time visitors to the new microsite were met with a modal window explaining that the site is temporary. This brief interruption was necessary because visitors expect a fully fleshed out site from an established agency, which was in the works.

The priority for this microsite was to avoid missing out on any leads while finishing the permanent site. I boiled down the navigation to just a contact button driving visitors to a simple form fill.

The secondary priorities were to tease our brand evolution and show off two great case studies.
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